Founded in 2017 by Edouard Bettencourt and Malik Lemseffer, Studio Belem specializes in architecture, design and research. Its activities are mainly based between Paris and Casablanca. Studio Belem advocates for a lively and meaningful architecture.

A lively architecture implies that it acknowledges the evolutionary aspect of its residents’ habits and life changes. Nothing is set in stone. No model has legitimacy over another because each situation gives rise to a new challenge. For each project, the studio undertakes a re-reading of past production to improve planning for the future. Each project must find its essence in the history of the place. Moreover, it must promote its identity.

A contextual architecture is deep-rooted in an environment, a culture and a geography. The resources and savoir-faire associated with them constitute fundamental settings for Belem's projects, both in their concept design as well as their construction. Beyond this, vernacularism is an endless source of inspiration, and often guides the form and the materiality of the studio’s projects.

Finally, Belem’s identity stems from both our Franco-Moroccan multiculturalism, and the influence of our various experiences abroad.