Aswar El Beyt 

Awar El Beyt, a flexible and lively place, where living and working together is possible. Awar El Beyt chooses to free itself from the standards and codes of traditional Moroccan housing. Awar El Beyt rethinks the pre-established functions of a home. It allows us to be free and flexible enough to support these societal changes. Awar El Beyt brings back a natural environment into the city, promoting new commonly shared spaces and social interactions between its residents.

Our urban project is developed in a 10 hectares square, which appeared as a city’s “macro unit”. They are defined as follows:

Each district has collective facilities and shops which makes it autonomous (cultural equipment, sports equipment, place of worship, shops and green spaces).

Each district offers to its residents two types of housing: apartment buildings and private villas.

The building height rules follow a simple logic: Build high an dense in the center of each macro unit and around a central void (place of public and social life in the neighborhood). Erect low at the periphery.

The volumes are fragmented on the upper floors to create a succession of terraces open onto the landscape.

Buildings are placed next to each other’s, by forming a "chain" of volumes.








Marrakech, Morocco 

October 2020


City urban planing